Meeting to consider SB 968, SB 969, SB 976, and SB 659

Senate Judiciary Committee

January 29, 2020 at 10:30 a.m.
Main Capitol, Room 461


SB 968 – Senator Browne – Consolidates the Department of Corrections (the “department”) with the Board of Probation
and Parole (the “board”) and transfers the supervision of offenders and certain administrative functions from the board
to the department and preserving parole decision–making responsibilities within the board.

SB 969 – Senator Browne – Makes certain changes to the Office of Victim Advocate necessitated by the consolidation of
the department and the board.

SB 976 – Senator Regan – Statutorily authorizes the creation of veterans courts, veterans tracks within other problemsolving courts, and multi-county veterans courts.

SB 659 – Senator Browne – Authorizes the creation of the Prison Industry Enhancement Authority to oversee and
administer the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program established under Federal Law.

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