How Can I Help?

My staff and I strive to make state government more accessible to you.  We help to solve problems, answer questions and respond to concerns about state issues and legislation, and connect people with available services, resources and assistance.  Whether someone is trying to access veterans’ benefits or disputing a tax bill, they need somewhere to turn for action.  Other frequent requests include assisting seniors with Property Tax/Rent Rebate forms, expediting birth certificates and state licensure applications, and helping people navigate the unemployment compensation system.

Whether you prefer to email, call or write, please feel free to express your opinion on issues, or to let me know any questions or concerns you may have.  Knowing more about your views and priorities helps me to better serve you and your neighbors.

Some of the specific services we provide include:

Capitol Tours

Pennsylvania’s Capitol is, first and foremost, a public building belonging to the citizens of the Commonwealth. It is also a priceless architectural and artistic treasure, a majestic symbol of history and power, and an icon of democracy and freedom.  If you are planning a trip to Harrisburg, please let us know.

Certificates and Citations

The continuing development of a strong Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a strong United States of America depends upon the encouragement of good citizenship.  It is my honor to help recognize outstanding community and public service, as well as milestone anniversaries and birthdays, Eagle Scouts and Gold Awards, retirements, and other significant achievements.


The Senate has compiled a listing of grants and other sources of financial assistance available to municipalities, organizations and others for a variety of projects and purchases. Please take a look at the Grant and Resource Guide and see if any would be appropriate for your community.

Notary Services 

For over 200 years, notaries public have been officially recognized by the Commonwealth for administering oaths and affirmations, certifying copies and taking depositions, affidavits, verifications and acknowledgements. Notaries public in Pennsylvania certify, verify and acknowledge hundreds of thousands of important documents each year.

Notarization services are available at my Dallas office, free of charge, for many forms and documents. However, we are unable to notarize titles, wills and power of attorney agreements.


My office can help to cut through the red tape in Harrisburg and shorten the processing time for titles, registrations and licenses.  We can also submit additional paperwork when requested, or help to resolve disputes.


The Senate offers a variety of booklets and brochures designed to educate and inform students and residents about Pennsylvania’s history and attractions.  Feel free to download a PDF version of some of our more popular publications. Copies are also available at my district offices.

Scheduling Requests

I am committed to being visible and accessible and welcome the opportunity to join you for a community event, speak to your organization or meet with you to discuss an issue.  On the occasions when I am in session or have multiple invitations in multiple counties, I call upon my staff to represent me.

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