Legislative Accomplishments

Bills Signed Into Law


Act Number/Year Description
Act 66 of 2007 (SB 915) Amends Title 51 (Military Affairs) providing for the establishment of a grant program for designated accredited veterans’ service organizations to support veterans’ service officer programs and the associated costs, for defraying the costs for wages, benefits, training and equipment and for improving outreach and delivery of services to Pennsylvania’s veterans. The overall goals of the program would be to improve the coordination and distribution of veterans’ benefits, to maximize the effective and efficient use of taxpayer dollars and to increase veterans’ participation in available benefits programs. To accomplish these goals, the designated veterans’ service organizations would strive to improve the administration and delivery of services to Pennsylvania’s veterans. The legislation provides for eligibility, application, amount of grants, and reporting requirements.
Act 31 of 2008 (SB 987) Amends the Third Class City Code by adding that a city is responsible for ensuring that fire and emergency medical services are provided within the city, including the appropriate financial and administrative assistance for these services. The bill states that a city would consult with fire and emergency medical services providers to discuss the emergency services needs of the city. Also, the city would require any emergency services organizations receiving city funds to provide to the city an annual itemized listing of all expenditures of the funds before the city may consider budgeting additional funding to the organization.
Act 87 of 2008 (SB 684) The Public Health Child Death Review Act states the Department of Health would establish the Public Health Child Death Review Program to facilitate State and local multiagency, multidisciplinary teams to examine the circumstances surrounding deaths in PA for the purpose of promoting safety and reducing child fatalities. The Department of Health, in cooperation with the State Public Health Child Death Review Team would assist in the establishment of local public health child death review teams, coordinate the collection of child death data, and review reports and statutes, among other duties. The bill provides for the establishment and composition of the state and local teams. Local Public Health Child Death Review Teams would review all deaths of children, collect data, and submit annual reports to the state team. The bill provides for access to records and confidentiality.
Act 37 of 2009 (SB 240) Amends Titles 35 (Health & Safety) and 71 (Vehicles) establishing the Emergency Medical Services System Act, which requires the Department of Health to plan, guide and coordinate programs on the matters to promote effective and efficient operation of Statewide and regional EMS systems. The bill establishes a State Advisory Board to advise the department concerning manpower and training, communications, EMS agencies, content of regulations, standards and policies promulgated by the department under this chapter and other subjects deemed appropriate by the department. The bill also establishes regional emergency medical services councils, and outlines the department’s responsibilities in developing a Statewide EMS system plan. The bill establishes guidelines concerning emergency medical responders, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, prehospital registered nurses, prehospital physician extenders, prehospital emergency medical services physicians, emergency medical services instructors, Medical director of emergency medical services agency, Medical command physicians and facility medical directors. The bill offers rules governing dispatching, advanced life support ambulances, other vehicles, and provides sanctioning and rules regarding violations. Also provides that an EMS vehicle operator who operates an EMS vehicle exclusively for a Quick Response Service shall have no registration requirements.
Act 69 of 2010 (SB 260) Amends Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) further providing for sexual abuse of children by stating that the district attorney has the authority to investigate and institute charges for sexual abuse in the county and the attorney general shall have the separate authority to investigate and institute charges of sexual abuse when the offense or series offenses has occurred in more than one county or a county of the Commonwealth and another state. Also whoever being of the age of 18 years and upwards, by any course of conduct in violation of Chapter 31 (relating to sexual offenses) corrupts or tends to corrupt the morals of any minor less than 18 years of age, or participates in the aiding or abetting of this crime is punishable as a felony of the third degree.
Act 99 of 2010 (SB 1320) Act designating Interstate 84, within this Commonwealth, as the Fallen Trooper Memorial Highway; and designating a bridge in Clarks Summit, Lackawanna County, as the John E. Fitzgerald Memorial Bridge.
Act 58 of 2011 (SB 163) Act designating a bridge on that portion of State Route 0006 over the Lackawaxen River, Honesdale Borough, Wayne County, as the Brigadier General Richard J. Tallman Memorial Bridge.
Act 9 of 2012 (SB 995) Amends Title 35 (Health and Safety) to require the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to adopt emergency regulations requiring the operators of unconventional wells to create unique GPS coordinates for the well at both the access road and wellpad to be used by emergency services personnel in responding to an accident, register the address of the well with DEP and county emergency management agency, develop an emergency response plan, and post a reflective sign at the entrance of each well with the address of the wellsite and an emergency contact number for the operator. Provides for county distribution of the emergency plan. Also provides a definition of “unconventional oil and gas well”.
Act 22 of 2012  (SB 818) Amends Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure), in juvenile matters, further providing for disposition of delinquent child by adding that prior to entering an order of disposition the court shall state its disposition and the reasons for its disposition on the record in open court, together with the goals, terms and conditions of that disposition. If the child is to be committed to out-of-home placement, the court shall state the name of the specific facility, or type of facility, to which the child will be committed and its findings and conclusions of law that formed the basis of its decision.
Act 23 of 2012 (SB 815) Amends Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) further providing for right to counsel by adding that although a child alleged to be delinquent may appear with counsel at the intake conference conducted by a juvenile probation officer following the submission of a written allegation, counsel is not mandatory at this proceeding. If a party other than a child appears at a hearing without counsel the court shall ascertain whether he knows of his right thereto and to be provided with counsel by the court if applicable. The court may continue the proceeding to enable a party to obtain counsel. Counsel must be provided for a child who appears at a hearing without counsel, and counsel for the child cannot be waived. Also provides for right to counsel for children in dependency and delinquency proceedings.
Act 32 of 2012 (SB 1167) Amends Titles 23 (Domestic Relations) and Title 51 (Military Affairs) further providing for modification of existing orders. Applies to all custody orders except as provided in Title 51 regarding child custody proceedings during military deployment. Provides for assignment of custody rights during military deployment and right of servicemember to petition modification of custody order. Allows for expedited or electronic hearing for good cause shown, upon motion of a parent assigned military duties. Further provides for definitions, initial contact interview screenings, and temporary assignment to family members.
Act 56 of 2012 (SB 817) Amends Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) providing for the use of restraints on children during court proceedings by requiring restraints to be removed prior to the commencement of a court proceeding. The bill provides for exceptions if the restraints are necessary to prevent harm to the child or another person; to prevent disruptive courtroom behavior evidenced by a history of behavior that created potentially harmful situations or presented substantial risk of physical harm; or to prevent the child from fleeing the courtroom.
Act 125 of 2012 (SB 351) Amends Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) further providing for Good Samaritan civil immunity relating to automated external defibrillators. Also provides for non-medical Good Samaritan immunity from civil liability to any person who in good faith renders emergency care, treatment, first aid or rescue at the scene of an emergency event or a crime, or who moves the person receiving such care, first aid or rescue to a hospital or other place of medical care except when such harm is intentional.
Act 194 of 2012 (SB 1531) Amends Titles 51 (Military Affairs) and 75 (Vehicles), in Title 51 in State Veterans’ Commission and Deputy Adjutant General for Veterans’ Affairs, establishing for funds for Veterans’ Trust Fund. Moneys in the fund shall be expended for grants for various programs or projects to support veterans and their families. The department shall annually report to the House and Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committees regarding the fund. The bill provides for contributions to the fund at the time of a driver’s license or vehicle registration issuance or renewal and, in Title 75, provides for the establishment of a special license plate for honorably discharged veterans. $15 of the fee for the special license plate shall be deposited in the Veterans’ Trust Fund.
Act 5 of 2013 (SB 302) Amends Title 51 (Military and Veterans Affairs) further providing for compilation of war records and the director of veterans’ affairs by adding that in order to be eligible for appointment as a director of veterans’ affairs, a person must maintain a Department of Veterans Affairs accreditation with the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs or national association in accordance with the provisions of 38 CFR 14.629 (relating to requirements for accreditation of service organization representatives; agents; and attorneys) as a condition of employment. The county commissioners shall appoint the director of veterans’ affairs, approve compensation for the director of veterans’ affairs as set by the salary board, and provide office space, equipment and support staff in the courthouse or another centrally accessible location. The legislation removes language that entitles the director to certain additional compensation and adds that the director shall service as a local contact, advise persons in the armed forces on the benefits available, work under direct supervision of the county commissioners, and participate in programs provided by the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Effective in 60 days.
Act 117 of 2013 (SB 23) An Act amending Title 23 (Domestic Relations) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in child protective services, further providing for definitions; and providing for expunction of information of perpetrator who was under 18 years of age when child abuse was committed.  Effective December 31, 2014.
Act 14 of 2013 (SB 508) An Act amending the act of November 24, 1998 (P.L.882, No.111), known as the Crime Victims Act, further providing for petitions to deny parole upon expiration of minimum sentence. A House bill similar to SB 508 was signed into law as Act 14.
Act 66 of 2014 (SB 923) An Act amending Title 51 (Military Affairs) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing for military family relief assistance. Approved June 18, 2014. Effective in 60 days.
Act 80 of 2014 (SB 1090) An Act amending Title 34 (Game) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing for resident license and fee exemptions. Approved June 26, 2014. Shall go into effect in 60 days.
Act 187 of 2014 (SB 720) An Act amending Title 35 (Health and Safety) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in the Governor and disaster emergencies, further providing for general authority of Governor; providing for disaster emergency assistance; and establishing the Public Disaster Assistance Grant Program.
Act 17 of 2015 (SB 284)  An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing for special motorcycle plates for veterans.
Act 18 of 2015 (SB 285) An Act amending Title 51 (Military Affairs) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing for Veterans’ Trust Fund.
Act 32 of 2015 (SB 42)  An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in licensing of drivers, further providing for issuance and content of driver’s license.
Act 35 of 2015 (SB 405)  An Act designating Exit 30 from Interstate 84 onto State Route 402, in Pike County, as the Corporal Bryon K. Dickson, II, Exit.
Act 17 of 2016 (SB 879) An Act providing for the establishment of a savings program by the Treasury Department to encourage savings accounts for individuals with disabilities; establishing the Pennsylvania ABLE Savings Program and the ABLE Savings Program Fund; and imposing duties on the Treasury Department
Act 113 of 2016 (SB 889) An Act amending the act of June 28, 1935 (P.L.477, No.193), referred to as the Enforcement Officer Disability Benefits Law, extending benefits to certain employees of the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission; and making editorial changes.
Act 50 of 2017 (SB 242)  An Act amending the act of December 10, 1974 (P.L.852, No.287), referred to as the Underground Utility Line Protection Law, further providing for title and for definitions; providing for lawful start date; further providing for duties of facility owners, for duties of the One Call System, for duties of other parties, for duties of excavators, for duties of designers, for duties of project owners, for audits and for penalties; providing for enforcement, for damage prevention committee and for compliance; and further providing for One Call System authority and for expiration.
Act 68 of 2018 (SB 934) An Act amending the act of April 9, 1929 (P.L.177, No.175), known as The Administrative Code of 1929, in powers and duties of the Department of Labor and Industry, its departmental administrative and advisory boards and departmental administrative officers, further providing for fees and for Industrial Board and establishing the Elevator Safety Board.
Act 69 of 2018 (SB 978) An Act providing for the disposal of hospice or home health care patient medication.
Act 133 of 2018 (SB 748) An Act providing for public safety facilities.