Senator Baker Comments On Planned Closure of White Haven Center

HARRISBURG — Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20th, offered the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision to begin the process to close two state centers for severely disabled residents, including the one in White Haven:

“The decision by the Wolf Administration to close White Haven and Polk Centers will have a dramatic effect on residents and their families – taking and removing some individuals from the only home they’ve ever known, and forcing families dependent upon state centers to find new accommodations.

This will create great angst and concern for this vulnerable population and those employees who serve them. Due to their location, there will be questions about the economic consequences as well as about the assurances of equivalent care being available within the community, as most residents are classified profoundly disabled and in need of skilled care.

Local officials, workers, residents and families will need to fully participate in the public hearing and push to ensure that families have choices about where their loved ones are being served, including allowing their loved ones to remain in a state center if they choose.”


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