Meeting to consider SB 1054, SB 1089, and SB 1001

Senate Health and Human Services

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
10:30 A.M.
Room 461 MC

S.B. 1054 – Sen. Brooks – Enacts the Buprenorphine Medically Assisted Treatment Act (the “Act”) providing for the licensure of Buprenorphine prescribers.


S.B. 1089 – Sen. Stefano – Amends certain specified provisions of the Administrative Code (i) to correctly name the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs and the Department of Human Services, (ii) to add Section 2334 (b) (4) requiring that behavioral health managed care organizations that provide substance abuse treatment on behalf of counties do so through a provider network that is geographically accessible to members, and (iii) to make other necessary modifications.


S.B. 1001 – Sen. Costa – Enacts the Public Health Emergency Act (the “Act”) allowing the Secretary of the Department of Health to declare a public health emergency


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