Floor Remarks on Game Commission Nominee

HARRISBURG – Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20th, offered the following floor remarks on Gov. Wolf’s nomination to fill the Region 7 vacancy to the Board of Game Commissioners:

“The responsibilities of the Game Commission touch on the varied interests and passions of many of our constituents.  When a vacancy on the commission occurs, there is generally a field of individuals who express a willingness to serve. Such was the case for the seat representing the 7 counties in northeastern Pennsylvania. As I understand it, the Governor’s Sportmen’s Advisory Committee interviewed more than a dozen candidates.

Once a nomination is submitted to the Senate by the Governor, input generally comes from a range of groups and individuals, whether they’re  pro or con. Those who have been here a while have no trouble recalling instances when there has been vigorous debate over the merits and demerits of nominees in different regions.

This nominee is very unusual when contrasted with tradition. If the nominee had been making the rounds per the custom, he didn’t get in touch with many of my constituents or the organizations. In fact, there has been next to no advocacy on his behalf. Not one sportsmen’s organization or conservation club has expressed their support for this nominee to me.

Twenty-five legislative days on the calendar certainly affords individuals an opportunity to make us, and our constituents aware of their pertinent experience, familiarity with issues, their philosophy, and their approach to making decisions and building consensus. So to date, I have never heard from, met with, or spoken to the nominee Stanley Knick.

Given the challenges and controversies we confront in managing our vast and vital land and wildlife resources, and with all the conservation and recreational and economic principles in play, I cannot support an individual whose background and philosophy are unknown. This process is not intended to be a rubber stamp when a name is sent to the Senate.

So I believe the situation to be very unfortunate, but I simply can not be a yes vote on today’s nominee since I have never met with, spoken to or had any conversation with Mr. Knick.”


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