Luzerne County Pastor Serves as Guest Senate Chaplain



HARRISBURG – Pastor Lori Robinson, of the Lehman-Idetown United Methodist Church, served as the Senate’s guest chaplain today thanks to an invitation by Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20th.

Robinson was joined in the Senate chamber by her father, James Welch Sr., and her daughter, Shannon, both Wyoming County residents.

Sen. Baker introduced Robinson, who serves as the pastor in her congregation. Her comments were as follows:

“Our guest clergy today is Pastor Lori Robinson.

This is indeed a special honor for me, as she currently serves as the pastor for Lehman-Idetown United Methodist Church, where I am a member. 

I can tell you from experience she is distinguished by the passion she brings to her ministry and her extensive community involvement, including growing our vacation bible school and youth group. She has worked diligently to expand services to at-risk and vulnerable populations in our  community and all the work that she does serving the members of our congregation.  

We are truly blessed by the devotion, intelligence, and inspired leadership Pastor Lori provides daily. She has been a trusted advisor to me and others seeking her wise and thoughtful counsel. Because of her, our congregation is enriched, inspired, and more vibrant. 

She is joined today by her father, James Welch Sr., who is a 69-year-member of the Triton Fire Company, 29 years serving as its chief, as well as her daughter, Shannon, who serves as a probation officer for Wyoming County. Please join me in welcoming pastor Lori and her family who are seated in the gallery.”

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