Reaction to Governor Wolf’s Minimum Wage Increase Order Affecting State and State-Contract Workers

HARRISBURG – Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20th District, issued the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s executive order that he signed March 7:

“Governor Wolf’s unilateral action on a policy issue of this magnitude naturally raises many questions and concerns.

Recent articles have reported how many employers are struggling with increased costs due to the federal health care mandate.  To the extent this minimum wage increase for state government employees is designed to pressure private employers, it will compound their difficulties.  It is hard to understand where there is justification for such a cost-driving step when Pennsylvania is mired in the middle of a record budget deadlock and the governor issues weekly warnings about a structural deficit.

No matter what this costs, spending more has never been the way to fix a deficit.  This comes at a time when important institutions and organizations in our communities are either carrying out or considering layoffs because of state funding cuts resulting from Governor Wolf’s vetoes.  And there is still no agreement on a pension reform measure most taxpayers and many legislators believe should be the priority.

I will be thoroughly reviewing the executive order and inquiring further with the administration to learn more about the state budget costs and the impacts to those doing business with the Commonwealth.”

Andrew M. Seder
District Communications/Constituent Services for Pike and Wayne Counties
Office of Senator Lisa Baker
2512 Route 6
Hawley, PA  18428
(570) 226-5960

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