Senate Sends the First Baker Juvenile Justice Reform Bill to Governor

HARRISBURG – A bill requiring juvenile court judges to place their reasoning for placement decisions on the record is on its way to Governor Corbett for his signature.

“It is important that we put into law protections that prevent any repetition of the ‘kids for cash’ scandal that tainted the juvenile justice system in Luzerne County,” said Sen. Lisa Baker (R-20), the bill’s sponsor.

This bill is one of dozens of suggestions that emerged from the Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice, a special state commission set up to examine the judicial system in the wake of the scandal, Baker explained.

“Requiring a judge’s reasoning to be part of the record will allow judicial officials and advocacy groups to detect imbalance or misconduct if sentences are being handed out that are inconsistent with the offense, ” Baker stated.

The vote on Senate Bill 818 was 48-0.

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