Statement by Senator Lisa Baker on Federal Highway Administration Rejection of Proposal to Toll I-80

Dallas – Following the Federal Highway Administration’s rejection of Pennsylvania’s proposal to toll I-80, Senator Lisa Baker made the following statement:

“The rejection is a clear win for our region. The decision vindicates the efforts of local citizens, community leaders, and business groups who objected to tolling I-80 as contrary to federal law and economically harmful to the corridor.

However, the decision knocks a huge hole in Pennsylvania’s transportation program. Over the last two years, a lot of money has been borrowed and spent for which the anticipated funding source will now not materialize.

This compounds our budget problems. Disagreements in the past over how to properly fund transportation led to the poor choice of the tolling option. So in the worst economy in decades, with families and businesses hurting, and many people pushing for cuts in state government, the search begins for a more publicly acceptable solution to shore up a transportation system vital to safety and economic progress.”

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