Baker Urges Ag Department to Postpone New Regs on Farm Equipment Transport

(HARRISBURG) Senator Lisa Baker (R-20) today raised concerns about the impact new transportation regulations would have on farmers’ ability to operate on a daily basis.

Baker told Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding, at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, that the restrictions are unrealistic and will make it very difficult for farmers to move their equipment across the road. She said she has been hearing from farmers in her district and suggested that the department request that new regulations be postponed until the impact on farmers could be determined.

“Those in our agriculture community are already struggling in this tough economy, and they don’t need costly and unnecessary rules and regulations that will make it harder for them to farm,” Baker said. “We shouldn’t implement these new rules until we look more carefully at the hardship they will impose.”

Some of the proposed changes include mandatory break periods, keeping driving logs and prohibiting those under 18 from operating farm equipment.

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