Statement by Senator Lisa Baker on Shutdown of Key Programs and Services

Harrisburg – Senator Lisa Baker issued the following statement regarding the forced shutdown of important government services and community programs as a result of the budget impasse:

“This is an extremely unfortunate situation because it was largely avoidable. Governor Rendell seriously underestimated the consequences for individuals, families, service providers, and communities when he vetoed program funding that could have kept these efforts intact and operating until a full budget is agreed to and passed. To compound the difficulty, he opposed the override effort that would have restored at least some funding. This problem is going to get worse until Governor Rendell finally concedes he does not have nor can he get the votes for the substantial tax increase he needs to pay for his spending plans.

The process has a ways to go yet. Governor Rendell is still insisting on a spending level that requires a sizable state tax increase, and many legislators remain convinced that the harm from taxes in this bad economy will far outweigh whatever benefits might come from higher spending.”

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