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Department of Agriculture Budget Hearing

March 01, 2016
Secretary Russell Redding fielded questions from Senator Lisa Baker regarding ongoing constituent concerns regarding the uncertainty of funding for county fairs and cooperative extensions. She also urged him to have ongoing dialogue with Secretary Curt Topper from the Department of General Services about perhaps eliminating duplication of services and agreeing to use one weights and measurements lab between the two departments as a cost savings measure.     [Read More]

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Department of Aging Budget Hearing

March 01, 2016
  Secretary Teresa Osborne was asked by Sen. Lisa Baker to look into speeding up the approval process for the Aging Waiver program. Baker said from recent personal experience she has realized the process is too complicated and too lengthy, something the secretary agreed with.   [Read More]

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Department of General Services Budget Hearing

March 01, 2016
  Sen. Lisa Baker asked Department of General Services Secretary Curt Topper for updates on the security upgrades being made to the Capitol and wanted to know if duplicating services amongst some departments can be eliminated as a money-savings endeavor.   [Read More]

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Department of Labor and Industry Budget Hearing

February 29, 2016
Senator Lisa Baker asked Secretary Kathy Manderino about initiatives to train and employ people with disabilities and discussed the unemployment rate for the disabled community. She also raised the proposal to transfer the PA One Call oversight and enforcement from the Labor and Industry Department to the Public Utility Commission and the increase in workers’ compensation claims.     [Read More]

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Department of Corrections Budget Hearing

February 29, 2016
  Senator Baker asked several questions of Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel including if there were any plans to close any of the three state correctional facilities in the 20th District and whether pay disparities between commissioned officers, mangers and corrections officers were being addressed.   [Read More]

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Department of Transportation Budget Hearing

February 29, 2016
Sen. Lisa Baker urged Transportation Secretary Leslie Richards to address four-digit state roads in rural areas of the state. She also raised concerns over accidents involving pedestrians around Harveys Lake and Lake Wallenpaupack and the increasing number of incidents involving wrong-way drivers on interstates.     [Read More]

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Sen. Lisa Baker’s Statement on Budget Address

February 09, 2016
Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20th District, issued the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address:   [Read More]

National Wear Red Day

January 27, 2016
Sen. Lisa Baker introduced a resolution recognizing Friday, February 5, 2016, as “National Wear Red Day” in Pennsylvania. Listen   [Read More]

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House Bill 158

January 21, 2016
Senator Lisa Baker speaks in support of House Bill 158, legislation that will allow the Secretary of Education to issue weather related, safety related, and health related emergency declarations under which school entities shall be given additional flexibility to satisfy the 180 instructional days per school year requirement in statute. Listen   [Read More]