Saying Goodbye to a Good and Gentle Soul – Pocono Raceway’s Michele Rose Mattioli-Kulick

One of my sincere joys in life has been my friendship with the Mattioli family.  We are all aware of the achievements and contributions of the late Drs. Joe and Rose, and the legacy they left.  As we know, their genes for living gracious, generous, and productive lives were passed on to their children and grandchildren.

It is with great sorrow that my family and I note the passing of Michele Rose Mattioli-Kulick and take a moment to remember her life.  She was not much older than I am, so we cannot help feeling there was more for her to experience, share, and give to the people and communities she cared a great deal about.

Yet, we can reflect on how much her spirit, her work, and her ability to overcome setbacks fulfilled her and impressed us.  From a distance, people would say she looks like someone who would be a successful beauty instructor.  But up close, we were privileged to see the extraordinary inner beauty she had.  That cannot be taught, it cannot be faked, and it cannot be turned on and off.

Michele stood as a shining example of how people can be – if they choose the path of love and respect.  Her dedication to family, friends, and faith was deep and lasting.  She showed us how glorious life can be when our blessings are shared unconditionally.

First and foremost, Michele was a loving, devoted, and caring mother to Michael and Elizabeth.  They were her priority and passion in life.  She was the steady hand that guided them to grow and flourish into capable and productive young adults.  I have no doubt that Michele’s spirit of kindness and compassion will live on in the hearts and actions of her beloved children.           

She practiced charity, quietly, consistently, to great effect.  If you look up the phrase character is what happens when no one is watching, chances are her picture is there to illustrate it.  She leaves an immense memorial of kindness for us to admire and hopefully to model.   

We are sad to say goodbye to such a good and gentle soul.  But we can all be comforted in the knowledge that God has another plan for his faithful and loving servant Michele Rose.

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