Meeting to consider SB 305, SB 516, SB 588, SB 703, and SB 704

Senate Judiciary Committee

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 | 11: 30 a.m.

North Office Building, Hearing Room #1 (and Virtual Participation)

SB 305 – Brooks – Adds “urgent care centers” to the list of locations that a parent may leave a newborn (under certain enumerated circumstances) without facing criminal liability.

SB 516 –  Browne – Amends Title 42, Section 9730 to provide that if a defendant defaults in the payment of court costs, restitution and fines and fails to appear at a hearing to determine the defendant’s ability to pay, the delinquent account may be turned over to a private collection agency.

SB 588 – Gordner – Amends Section 110 of Title 18 by adding language which provides that a former prosecution of an offense is not a bar to a subsequent prosecution of an offense which arises out of the same conduct or criminal episode if, among other things, the former prosecution was for a summary offense or a summary traffic offense.

SB 703 – Baker – Amends Title 18, Section 2709.1 to specifically cover the use of social media and internet platforms to stalk another and to upgrade the grading of a first offense under certain circumstances.

SB 704 – Baker – Amends Title 18, Section 3124.2 by providing that a caregiver is guilty of institutional sexual assault if he or she engages in certain sexual activities with a care-dependent person.

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