Meeting to consider SB 521, HB 184, and HB 951

Senate Judiciary Committee

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 | 10 a.m.

Senate Chamber (and Virtual Participation)

SB 521 – Mensch – Amends Section 7507.1 of Title 18 to increase the grading for a conviction of invasion of privacy if the offender is a teacher and the victim is a student or if the offender is an adult and the victim is a minor.

HB 184 – Keefer – Amends Section 2505 of Title 18 by requiring the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing to provide a sentencing enhancement for a conviction of causing a suicide or for aiding or soliciting a person to die by suicide when the person dying by suicide is either under 18 years of age, has an intellectual disability or has autism spectrum disorder.

HB 951 – Rozzi – Amends Title 42 (Judicial Code) to provide a two-year window during which civil lawsuits arising out of childhood sexual abuse may be brought notwithstanding an otherwise applicable statute of limitations defense; and to state explicitly that current waivers of sovereign and governmental immunity for civil actions alleging sexual abuse of a minor shall apply both prospectively and retroactively. Amendment to be offered by Sen. Baker.

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