Meeting to consider SB 420 and SB 457

Senate Judiciary Committee

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 | Off the Floor

Senate Chamber (and Virtual Participation)

Meeting to consider bills

SB 420 – Sen. Yaw – Amends Sections 1401 and 1404 of the County Code to require district attorneys in counties of the second class A or third class as well as district attorneys in counties of the fourth through eighth classes to have an active license to practice law. (Amendment forthcoming)

SB 457 – Sen. Baker – Amends Section 5 of Article IV of the Pennsylvania Constitution and amends Section 6 of Article IV by adding subsections 6 (b) and 6 (c). This constitutional amendment will require the Attorney General to hold an active law license in the Commonwealth and provides that if the Attorney General is disbarred from the practice of law, the office of Attorney General shall be declared vacant, and if the Attorney General’s license to practice law is suspended, the Attorney General shall be suspended from the office of Attorney General until the suspension is dissolved or until the next election.

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