Senate Judiciary Committee to Consider Statute of Limitations Reform for Child Sexual Abuse

(HARRISBURG) – The Senate Judiciary Committee will meet on Monday, March 15, 2021, to consider several bills, including House Bill 14, which seeks to allow changes to the statute of limitations to give victims of childhood sexual abuse a two-year window to sue their abusers. The legislation will be amended to provide for an emergency constitutional amendment so the measure can be considered by voters during the upcoming May Primary. Senator Lisa Baker (R-20) has issued the following statement:

“At this late point in a debate that has been ongoing for over two decades, the emergency constitutional amendment is the most timely and viable option for affording thousands of abuse victims their long-sought access to justice.  By getting the question on the ballot, we give voters the chance to end the delay and say “yes” to the type of justice that all Pennsylvanians deserve.”

A copy of the meeting agenda with a list of all bills that will be considered at the meeting can be found here.

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