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Discussion of New Federal Overtime Rules

June 20, 2016
Joint Hearing - Senate Appropriations and Labor and Industry Committees - June 21, 2016 Listen     [Read More]

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Baker Supports Bill Aiding Individuals With Disabilities Transitioning To Workplace

April 13, 2016
  Listen Sen. Lisa Baker spoke on the Senate floor urging her colleagues to support HB 400, legislation that would increase vocational rehabilitation collaboration with schools and private and public employers and encourage additional job training resources for young people with disabilities   [Read More]

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Tax-Free Savings Plan For Disabled Receives Unanimous Approval

April 13, 2016
In every way, policies and programs designed for individuals who have a disability should aim at helping them achieve the greatest level of independence their capabilities and spirit allow. Listen     [Read More]

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SB703 and public hearing to examine the future of apprenticeship programs in Pennsylvania

March 17, 2016
Senate Labor and Industry Committee - March 22, 2016 Listen     [Read More]

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Marking Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week in Pennsylvania

March 15, 2016
Sen. Lisa Baker welcomed members of the Tri-State Society for Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation to the Senate.     [Read More]

Welcoming Dallas High School Cross Country Champions to Capitol

March 14, 2016
Sen. Lisa Baker welcomed PIAA Class AA Cross Country champions from Dallas High School to the Senate chamber for special recognition: Listen   [Read More]

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Department of Health Budget Hearing

March 09, 2016
  Senator Lisa Baker asked Secretary of Health Karen Murphy about the funding the EMS Operating Fund reductions and the challenges facing Emergency Medical Services and volunteer rates. The senator also raised concern over the zeroing out of the Primary Healthcare Practitioner Loan Repayment line item in the budget.   [Read More]

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Department of Education Budget Hearing

March 08, 2016
Sen. Lisa Baker asked Secretary Pedro Rivera to look into transportation reimbursements for rural pre-kindergarten programs. She also inquired as to how counseling services funds are distributed and what improvements are being made to ensure proper vocational education access for disabled students. The secretary, during questions from committee members, agreed that pension costs were the leading cost driver for school districts.     [Read More]

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Department of Revenue Budget Hearing

March 07, 2016
Revenue Secretary Eileen McNulty was questioned by Sen. Baker about the financial hit families and businesses would take if a proposed retroactive 11 percent increase in the personal income tax and what efforts are being made to boost lottery revenues. In addition, the senator raised concerns about the impact continued talk of a severance tax has had on the natural gas industry.     [Read More]

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Department of Human Services Budget Hearing

March 07, 2016
During questioning on the Department of Human Services’ budget with Secretary Ted Dallas, Senator Lisa Baker expressed concerns about the governor’s vetoing of funding for critical access hospitals and urged funds to be released based the health, safety and public welfare of members of those hospitals’ communities.     [Read More]