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  • New Tax Credit Programs to Bring Jobs and Investment to PA
  • Guardian of Small Business
  • Senate Approves Measures to Support Police and Crime Victims
  • Senate Acts to Add Sex Traffickers to Sex Offender Registry
  • Measure to Improve Notification of Government Data Breaches Sent to Governor
  • Health Care Reform Measure Receives Final Approval
  • Recognizing the Contributions of First Responders
  • Time for Trick or Treaters

New Tax Credit Programs to Bring Jobs and Investment to PA

New jobs and more investment will be coming to northeastern Pennsylvania, after the Senate voted to create and expand tax credit programs to support targeted investments in key industries.

House Bill 1059 would make new resources available for job growth under the newly established Pennsylvania Economic Development for a Growing Economy (PA EDGE) tax credit program.

This tax credit program is an exciting initiative that represents a tremendous opportunity for continued economic advancement and job expansion across northeastern Pennsylvania. We must ensure good, family-sustaining jobs are accessible throughout our region, while pursuing new ways to foster greater workforce development.  Senator John Yudichak and I share more details about this innovative new program here.  

Guardian of Small Business

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) recognizes ‘Guardians of Small Business’ each legislative session. The award is presented to Senators and Representatives who supported key small-business issues, during the two year period. I was pleased to once again receive this recognition, for my favorable voting record on behalf of the Commonwealth’s small-business owners.

Numerous small business owners have voiced frustrations over the past several years, as a result of imposed restrictions, economic challenges and inflation. Listening to their concerns and needs has been an important part of continuing to implement new legislation, policies and programs that help to reduce government overreach and strengthen our communities.

Senate Approves Measures to Support Police and Crime Victims

Taking further action to stem the rise in violent crime in Pennsylvania, the Senate this week passed measures to support law enforcement and crime victims.

House Bill 103 seeks to better protect our law enforcement officers against harassment by strengthening penalties against criminals who intentionally spit on or throw bodily fluids at officers.

House Bill 1546 further protects law enforcement officers by prohibiting the release of a public safety official’s home address or telephone number.

While criminal prosecutions punish offenders, restitution for crime victims often falls short. When that happens, victims often turn to the civil justice system.

The Senate passed House Bill 2525 to make it easier for crime victims to obtain relevant information learned by law enforcement during the investigation of the crime. Crime victims can then use that information in civil legal actions to recover damages for their injuries.

In addition, the Senate approved House Bill 140 to help fight rampant crime in Philadelphia. It requires the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute crimes committed within its mass transit system.

These efforts build on the work that has been accomplished over the past two years to protect crime victims, prevent human trafficking and strengthen penalties for criminals who seek to elude officers.

Senate Acts to Add Sex Traffickers to Sex Offender Registry

A measure requiring offenders convicted of a sex trafficking-related crime to register as sex offenders received final legislative approval this week.

Senate Bill 118 adds these crimes to the reporting requirements of Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law. The law requires the State Police to maintain a public, online registry of persons who reside, work or attend school in the Commonwealth and who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to certain sexual offenses in Pennsylvania or another jurisdiction.

Most defendants in the FBI’s human trafficking cases had prior criminal records and are prone to recidivism. The Megan’s Law Registry has proven to be a deterrent to subsequent sexual offenses committed by those who are on it. The bill was sent to the governor for enactment.

Measure to Improve Notification of Government Data Breaches Sent to Governor

Legislation requiring that state agencies, their contractors and local governments provide timely notification to victims of a data breach received final approval.

Breaches involving personally identifiable information must be reported within seven days of such a breach being determined, under Senate Bill 696.

In addition to timely notification, the measure requires the state Attorney General to be notified of a state-level breach and county district attorneys to be notified of county, municipal and school district breaches. The bill was sent to the governor for enactment.

Health Care Reform Measure Receives Final Approval

The Senate gave final approval of a measure that would standardize and streamline the process of prior authorization and step therapy for medical services.

Prior authorization is the process in which health care providers obtain advance approval for purposes of payment coverage and reimbursement from an insurer before a specific procedure or service is delivered to the patient. Step therapy allows insurers to recommend different drug treatment option(s) to patients to address costs.

A recent survey of physicians found that 91% of doctors said prior authorization delays can lead to negative clinical impacts on patients, and 78% of doctors said that prior authorization delays can lead to their patients abandoning treatment plans.

Senate Bill 225 would create standards and timely feedback for commercial health insurance plans, as well as Medicaid plans, when health care providers seek prior authorization approval from insurers. The bill also reforms step therapy protocols. The bill was sent to the governor to be signed into law.

Recognizing the Contributions of First Responders

We sometimes take for granted the sacrifice and dedication of first responders, without whom our communities could not safely function.

Thank you, police officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel and everyone else who answers the call, anytime, day or night.

Time for Trick or Treaters

Communities will be holding Halloween nights between now and Oct. 31. In addition to stocking up on candy, please keep an eye out for distracted children crossing streets and scurrying about.


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