Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming Counties Moving To Yellow Phase Of Reopening

HARRISBURG—Sen. Lisa Baker (R-20) offered the following statement after Governor Wolf’s announcement that Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming counties would be among those moving to the yellow phase of reopening on Friday, May 22.

“For the people of Wayne, Wyoming, and Susquehanna counties, this announcement brings a much-needed measure of relief and provides cautious optimism on the prospects for beginning recovery.  It is also a testament to the strong advocacy of local officials and community leaders who demonstrated why this approach is warranted.

“We should again acknowledge and commend the heroic efforts of the health care workers, first responders, service providers, and support personnel across ongoing businesses who have worked diligently to deal with containing the virus and positioning these counties to proceed with a limited reopening.  Residents complying with the common sense restrictions adopted also contributed to the improved circumstances. 

“Regrettably, meeting the state statistical standards does not mean we are free from new cases and additional deaths in every area.  So we must maintain our vigilance and ensure that precautions are taken and sufficient protective materials are available to prevent any resurgence.

“As the weeks have passed, more people have been reporting the stress and economic strain they are experiencing.  As merchants reopen and individuals return to jobs, this should ease the pressure on community groups and local governments providing assistance, enabling the help to be concentrated on those who may not have the opportunity to work or open until these counties move into green.

“This is a constructive start, and we hope it signals the turning of a corner.  We will be looking to the governor and the health secretary to work diligently with the leadership of the other counties in our region to find a pathway to move into yellow.”


Contact:  Jen Wilson


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