Meeting to consider Senate Bills 49 and 86 and Senate Resolution 20

Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting
Off the Floor
February 4, 2019

The Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting will hold an off the floor meeting on Monday, Feb. 4th to consider the following bills:

SB 49 – Sen. Killion – Extends Good Samaritan civil liability protection to a person who, in an effort to save a child, forcibly enters a parked locked car.

SB 86 – Sen. Brooks – Adds “urgent care centers” to the list of locations that a parent may leave a newborn (under certain enumerated circumstances) without facing criminal liability.

SR 20 – Sen. Baker – Directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee (the “LBFC”) to (i) conduct a study of the effects of the 2002-2003 changes in Pennsylvania law and applicable rules governing venue in medical professional liability actions, (ii) conduct an assessment of the likely impact of changes in the rules governing medical professional liability recently proposed by the Civil Procedural Rules Committee (the “Committee”), and (iii) study the history of claims made to, and payouts made by, the Pennsylvania Professional Liability Joint Underwriting Association from 2003 to present.

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