Summer Camps Month


Senator Baker offers a resolution designating the month of May 2018 as ” Summer Camps Month” in Pennsylvania. She offered the following floor remarks:

“Pennsylvania has many fine traditions, dating back generations, which are worthy of recognition and celebration.  High on that signature list is a pastime known as summer camp. It is a truly great experience that many people look back fondly on. I also recall my days going to Camp Louis, Girl Scout Camp, when I was a young girl.

The Pocono region, of which my district is part, is a major center for summer camps. They are diverse in their sponsorship, but similar in the advantages that they offer. Woods and water. Hiking and learning. Exertion and excitement. Arts and archery. Mountains and music. Competition and character building. Sports, songs, and silliness. Kids getting to be kids in all their energetic and inquisitive glory.

For many, this is the place to develop a lifelong appreciation for the joys and opportunities afforded by the outdoors. We cannot begin to put a price tag on the value of the healthy pursuits engaged in, the skills acquired and refined, and the friendships that are developed.

The bonus of course is all the economic activity and tax revenue generated for host areas. Summer camp is a part of the package that tourism groups promote. Telling that one of the recent tallies calls it the summer camp industry. A good indication of how impactful it has been and continues to be.

So when we are searching for those positive stories about life in Pennsylvania, summer camp is a place that brings smiles and yields many warm memories of forever fun.”

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