Dallas High School Baseball Team



HARRISBURG – The Dallas Mountaineers, which captured the state’s 4A baseball title this year, paid a visit to the Capitol on Nov. 13. While there they met with Sen. Lisa Baker, an alumna of the school, who introduced the team in remarks from the Senate floor. They also had the opportunity to visit the Senate floor and pose for pictures with the senator. The team defeated South Park High School 5-0 in the title game played at Penn State’s Medlar Field.

Front row, from left: Assistant Coach John Kashatus, Head Coach Ken Kashatus, players Christo Huntington, Mike Caravaggio, Mike Collins and Darren Kerdesky, Senator Lisa Baker, players Adam Sutton, Beaudyn Lewis, Andrew Kovalick, E.J. Williams, Ethan Zawatski, J.D. Barrett and Alex Kapral.
Back row: Players Justin Finarelli, Will McCrum, Nick Kocher, Drew Patton, Josh Lydon, Mike Luksic, Ben O’Connell, Charles Giacometti and Matt Mathers, Assistant Coaches Jim Casey, Bob Aten and Paul Narcum.
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