Senator Baker Votes “No” On Massive Expansion Of Gambling

HARRISBURG – Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20th District, issued the following statement regarding her vote on House Bill 271, a gaming expansion bill:

“I have serious misgivings about another major expansion of gambling, from both fiscal and societal standpoints. Therefore, I voted “no” on the gambling bill sent to the governor as part of an effort to finally balance the current state budget.

On several occasions in recent years, small gambling measures were approved to help fill revenue holes in the state budget. The revenue realized did not come anywhere close to projections, contributing to the structural deficit that has complicated budgeting. There is no reason to believe the current package, much larger by several degrees, is any more carefully crafted.

Easier access to more gambling outlets will necessarily aggravate the social problems that attend to gambling. Whether additional gambling attracts new players or compels existing players to engage more heavily, additional problems for individuals and families will result, adding challenges for law enforcement and social service agencies.”


Andrew M. Seder
District Communications/Constituent Services for Pike and Wayne Counties
Office of Senator Lisa Baker
2512 Route 6
Hawley, PA  18428
(570) 226-5960

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