HB 59 and HB 508

Senate Health and Human Services

Wednesday, June 26, 2017
12:00 p.m.
Room 461 MC

HB 59 – Rep. Moul – Amends Section 774 of the Human Services Code to allow an adoptive family to repeal to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services the amount of the adoption subsidy provided to them by the County Children and Youth Services Agency under the Adoption Opportunities Act.  – Summary 

HB 508 – Rep. Cox – Prohibits an individual who is required to register as a convicted sexual offender under 42 Pa. C.S. Section 9799.13, and who is not compliant, from receiving public assistance until the individual complies with applicable registration requirements. Assistance for minor children living in the household shall not be effected by this prohibition. The Department is required to issue regulations to effect compliance with the registration requirements for individuals who are homeless or transient. – Summary

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