Senator Baker Speaks In Support Of Bill Increasing The Number Of Stroke Centers


HARRISBURG – Sen. Lisa Baker offered the following floor remarks in support of HB 23, which the Senate unanimously approved on May 23. The bill updates Pennsylvania’s stroke center designation law to better help stroke patients receive life-saving treatment.

“It is fitting this bill is before us for action, because May is Stroke Awareness Month.

Medical science has made tremendous strides in the treatment of strokes, and in aiding victims in their recovery.  As in so many areas of health emergency response, time is essential, and so is expertise in assessing the problem and skillfully intervening.

The purpose of the expansion of certification in this bill is straightforward – in addition to primary stroke centers, there will be acute stroke ready hospitals and comprehensive stroke centers. These designations let people know where the equipment, the experience, and the trained personnel are located to best respond to the life-threatening and life-diminishing crises that strokes represent. 

Health advocacy groups and provider facilities support this step as improving the prospects for timely and appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

It is an encouraging commentary on health care in our commonwealth that upwards of 80 facilities were designated under the original certification, and more are in line to be designated under these two new categories.


Andrew M. Seder
District Communications/Constituent Services for Pike and Wayne Counties
Office of Senator Lisa Baker
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