Senate Passes Baker Bill Granting Property Tax Relief For Spouse of Soldiers Killed In Action

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Senate today unanimously approved SB 1109, legislation sponsored by Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20th, which would extend the state’s property tax exemption program for disabled veterans to the surviving spouse of soldiers killed in action.

Baker noted that “the current program’s guidelines allow the property tax exemption to be transferred to the surviving spouse of a totally disabled veteran when he or she passes away, but it does not allow the exemption to be given to spouses of those killed in action. The bill corrects this inequity by extending the property tax exemption to widows and widowers of those soldiers and airmen killed in action.”

Spouses would be eligible as long as they were living in the home prior to the military member being called into active service.

The bill now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration. Because this is a constitutional amendment, it is required to receive affirmative votes in both General Assembly chambers in two consecutive legislative sessions and then must be voted on by state voters during an election.

Andrew M. Seder
District Communications/Constituent Services for Pike and Wayne Counties
Office of Senator Lisa Baker
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