Speed Minders Among Increased Safety Measures Around Harveys Lake

DALLAS – Four speed minders will be strategically placed along Lakeside Drive as part of increased safety measures being made around Harveys Lake. The flashing electronic signs alert motorists of their speed and have proven to be an effective tool in helping to reduce incidents of speeding.

Sen. Lisa Baker and Rep. Karen Boback have been facilitating discussions between PennDOT and community representatives since August. These meetings have included input from Harveys Lake Borough Councilmembers, Mayor Clarence Hogan, Police Chief Charlie Musial, the Harveys Lake Safety Committee, and other concerned citizens.

“The community worked hard to identify changes to improve public safety,” Baker said. “This is a great example of what can be accomplished when everyone comes together.”

The installation of the devices is just one of several safety enhancements already underway. Other upgrades include a reduction in the speed limit to 30 MPH; brush trimming in areas with poor visibility; and the replacement of 170 traffic signs that were worn or needed to be updated.

“I am pleased that our efforts have come to fruition,” Boback added. “It is my hope that these speed minders remind motorists to slow down and drive safely.”

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