Sen. Baker Statement on Special Committee Recommendations

HARRISBURG – The Special Committee on Senate Address has issued recommendations to the full Senate on whether the chamber should proceed to vote on the removal of Attorney General Kathleen Kane due to the suspension of her law license.  As a member of the committee, Sen. Lisa Baker (R-20) offered the following statement:

“There is a clear constitutional and legal basis for the state Senate to act. The evidence gathered in this process raises serious questions as to whether Ms. Kane is rigorously abiding by the restrictions imposed as part of her suspended law license and whether she should be allowed to remain in office with such a suspension in place. Some of the evidence to support that has come to light through my questions and the responses received.

As part of the committee’s due process, we encountered a concern that her license could be restored following a vote to remove.  Prudence dictates this should be answered first.  Once the state Supreme Court decides her King’s Bench petition, I believe we can properly proceed to render judgment on whether she can functionally continue to hold this crucial office.”

A complete history of the committee’s work, including all votes, reports, testimony and hearing videos may be found at

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