Statement by Senator Lisa Baker on the State Budget Plan Sent to the Governor

Harrisburg – Senator Lisa Baker offered the following statement after the Senate approved and sent a budget plan to the governor’s desk:

“The reasons for urgency are apparent across our communities.  With Pennsylvania on the brink of seeing programs and services shutting down, schools closing, and people losing their jobs, it is well past the time to begin distributing available state and federal dollars.  Many local entities are reaching the end of their ability to borrow, and for those who can still borrow it becomes more expensive every time the state bond rating takes another hit.  This was a necessary step to prevent further fiscal chaos.

I recently voted against a larger budget proposal because the revenue sources to sustain it had not been identified.  This plan, while far from ideal, can at least be funded through current revenues, and thus warranted my support.

This is by no means the end of the budget process.  Pension reform is badly needed to prevent budget crisis from becoming an annual event.  And a series of budget-related bills still must be approved.”


Andrew M. Seder
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