Senator Lisa Baker Statement on Medical Cannabis Act Vote

HARRISBURG – Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20th, issued the following statement regarding Senate Bill 3, the Medical Cannabis Act:

“Today, the Senate voted 40-7 to advance SB 3, the Medical Cannabis Act.  I joined the minority in voting no.

Senate Bill 3, allowing the use of medical cannabis, passed the state Senate by a substantial margin, but without my support.  This does not end the discussion or the exchange of information, by any means.

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to listen to parents, advocacy groups, medical professionals, and other state legislators present their differing views on the subject.  I certainly understand and respect the advocacy of parents whose children suffer from conditions that do not respond to traditional treatments.  I support an approach that would offer some immediate relief through clinical trials.

But it does not seem there has been enough scientific research to justify full-scale legalization, a position held by The American Medical Society, The American Epilepsy Society, The Pennsylvania Medical Society, and other organizations representing considerable medical experience and judgment.  With The American Academy of Pediatrics  calling for marijuana to be moved to the DEA’s Schedule 2 listing, this will possibly open the door to research to determine the medical benefits.

Early indications are that the legislation might have a tougher time passing the House of Representatives.  If Pennsylvania decides to approve medical cannabis, the law should be more tightly drawn than what is proposed in Senate Bill 3.

Position Letter from The American Epilepsy Society on Medical Cannabis

Position Letter From The Pennsylvania Medical Society on Medical Use of Cannabis


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