Senator Baker: Committee Positions Involve Her In Key Debates

State Senator Lisa Baker, R-20, is pleased with committee assignments that put her in the middle of the action on significant issues as the new legislative session gets underway.

Baker returns as chair of the Senate Labor & Industry Committee and retains a seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee, which must review every bill involving the expenditure of tax dollars to determine what the fiscal impact will be. She will serve on four other committees: Aging & Youth, Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure, Public Health & Welfare, and Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness.

“These committees give me the chance to work in-depth on many of the concerns expressed by individuals and groups in our communities, and to push forward on reform measures and steps opening the door for opportunities that people want to see occur. In many instances the problems have grown in intensity, and so there is greater urgency in developing and approving responsible solutions,” Baker said.

“Given the revenue problems we must contend with, and the proposals the new administration will be pursuing, the budget hearings the Appropriations Committee will hold in March promise to be very interesting and lively,” she noted.

Under her chairmanship, workforce development will be a concentration of the Labor & Industry Committee. We can always find ways to establish better connections between the instruction and preparation offered in the classroom and the skills required at various job sites,” Baker explained.

As the former chair and long-time member of the Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee, Baker has consistently worked to see that the Commonwealth’s promises to veterans are honored and that first responders have the training, equipment, and communications capacity to deal with natural and manmade threats to local communities.

Baker expects the Public Health & Welfare Committee to deal with major matters relating to the rollout of Healthy PA and the changes the Wolf Administration may pursue.

The Aging & Youth Committee will likely consider additional protections for seniors and children.

The Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure Committee handles a lot of utility-related issues. Pipeline safety measures are a continuing priority for Senator Baker.

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