Senator Baker Offers Opening Prayer for Session

Opening Prayer – Senate Session
Senator Lisa Baker

Almighty and gracious God – from You comes every good and perfect gift.

Your goodness has created us.  Your bounty has sustained us.  And your love has redeemed us all.

We are grateful for the blessings you have bestowed.  Help us to remember your commandments to guide us in leading lives filled with grace and compassion, with wisdom and mercy.

We give thanks for the freedom of faith we have in this great nation, so that we may worship in the time and place and manner of our choosing.

We remember in our prayers the Americans of courage and conviction who are protecting us and defending freedom around the globe.

We remember in our prayers the uniformed protectors who have lost their lives, for their loved ones, and for the safety of those trying to bring about justice.

We remember in our prayers the many families who need hope and opportunity and justice to create better lives.

So grant us this day, your strength, wisdom and inspiration, your abiding presence, your empowering grace, and one last gift – the gift of humility.

To that end, O God, enable us to be a great people, a wise people, a caring people, a humble people, and most of all, a worthy people.  In your name we pray.  Amen.

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