Senate Offers Condolence Resolution in Remembrance of Senator Mike Waugh

Senator Lisa Baker
Floor Remarks

There are a lot of positive ways to describe Mike Waugh, but the one that really strikes me is “rock-solid.”  As in, straight-forward, sensible, stalwart.  Not a glory-seeker, and not given to grabbing for the glamorous issues or making grandiose statements.CG-BakDrftHrs-050-WEB

He had experience in the construction trades, so he knew how to build things that would last.  Around here, that meant building trust, building solutions, building balanced and responsible laws.

He had experience in agriculture, and that taught the prudence to set aside in the good times and the patience to weather the tough times.

He had experience in the fire services, so you could count on him never giving in to panic in politics.  While some folks delighted in setting political fires, Mike Waugh’s specialty was putting them out.

He had the sort of personality and approach that could get the fire services and emergency responders together to develop a common agenda.  They hammered out a fine and feasible set of priorities, and those measures guided our actions for years.

When he had something to say, it would be practical, informed, and leavened with some homespun humor.  You got his point.

Mike Waugh did not much fit the stereotype of the politician, in look, manner, or approach, but he sure was effective.  He was a good person, very much in line with what people want in their elected officials – honest, earnest, capable, and respectable.  He was a friend, a guide, and someone who will be missed by colleagues and constituents.

We offer deep condolences to Wanda, his son and granddaughter.

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