Senators Baker & Smucker to Introduce Cash Gift Ban

HARRISBURG – Senator Lisa Baker (R-20) and Senator Lloyd Smucker (R-13) today announced plans to introduce legislation to impose an absolute ban on legislators accepting cash gifts from lobbyists, principals, consultants and others who seek to influence the legislative process.

“As revelations and allegations about the conduct of public officials in Pennsylvania continue to weaken public confidence in the General Assembly, it is imperative that we make significant, immediate changes,” Senator Baker said. “A ban on cash gifts to legislators will be a strong step forward.”

“Banning cash gifts to legislators is long overdue,” Senator Smucker said. “As recent events have unfortunately demonstrated, Pennsylvania continues to be behind the curve nationally in regard to strong ethics rules and laws. We must, and we can, do better.”

In addition to introducing a bill banning cash gifts, which will include U.S. and foreign currency, money orders, checks, gift cards and certificates, and prepaid debit and credit cards, Senators Baker and Smucker announced plans to introduce a new Senate Rule to impose the same ban on cash gifts to Senators and Senate staff.



Jen Wilson (Senator Baker)
Matt Parido (Senator Smucker)


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