Statement by State Senator Lisa Baker in Reaction to Governor Corbett’s 2014-15 Budget Proposal

Harrisburg – Senator Lisa Baker had the following reaction to Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget:

“A state budget that once again does not call for a tax increase is sure to receive favorable reaction from taxpayers.  Four years without a tax increase, during tough times, is an admirable record of fiscal restraint.

The added money Governor Corbett recommends for schools, for special education, for the disabled and the autistic, for domestic violence protection, for state parks and forests, addresses programs that should be getting priority.  How these increases are to be funded, and how the money is to be distributed, will get a careful look in the coming months.  I am glad that the governor committed money to the recently created Veterans Trust Fund, so we can meet more of the needs veterans have and fulfill our obligations to them.

The economy and the job picture are the leading concerns for many families.  What we have done in terms of funding transportation improvements and encouraging energy development is going to be very helpful.  At the same time, a continuing concentration on education and job training is necessary to ensure that a skilled work force remains a competitive advantage.

It is crucial for Pennsylvania to get the necessary clearance from the federal government to proceed to implement the Healthy Pennsylvania plan.  There are a lot of working families who need and should have access to health care coverage.  It is important too to the health care providers who are providing greater levels of uncompensated care each year.

A key part of the message is that some substantial reforms to the structure of state government must be made in order to strengthen Pennsylvania in the years ahead.  Pension reform clearly tops the must-do list, although there are conflicting approaches on how to accomplish it.  Whether they are the ones the governor prefers, or other reforms that citizens have been pushing, it is important for us to reach agreement and take action.

There is substantial evidence that Pennsylvania is improving because of steps taken in recent years, but there are considerable challenges before us that require action on corrective measures.”


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