Statement on the Nomination of Judge Correale Stevens



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Governor Corbett made a sound selection with his nomination of Judge Correale Stevens to the state Supreme Court. As important as it is to fill the vacancy, given the significance of the issues the court is likely to consider, it is even more important to have the right person there, given this may be the tie-breaking vote on controversies that deeply divide the court.

As someone who served as an authority solicitor, state legislator, district attorney, Common Pleas Court Judge, and now as a state Superior Court Judge, Judge Stevens has evidenced an uncommon commitment to public service. He has seen the legal system, its strengths and its challenges, from about every angle.

He has time and again secured the support of voters, who regard him as reliable and trustworthy. Because of the time he spent on the county bench and on a state appellate court, he has a body of work and numerous decisions that attest to his capacity as a jurist. By virtue of being chosen as President Judge, he has clearly earned the respect and confidence of his colleagues.

I am pleased to recommend his approval by this committee, and hope that confirmation by the full Senate will soon follow.

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