Statement by State Senator Lisa Baker in Reaction to Governor Corbett’s 2013-14 Budget Proposal

Harrisburg – Senator Lisa Baker had the following reaction to Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget:

“This budget seems a more positive starting point than has been the case in recent years. There may be less debate over funding levels for crucial responsibilities such as education and human services, but the sources of revenue the governor has identified to support spending increases will be highly controversial.

The areas in education he has targeted for additional investment are significant and sensible choices. To have those numbers hold up through the final budget will require hard decisions about changes and reforms the governor proposes.

This budget provides extra funding for programs important to our area: health care in rural and underserved areas, home and community care for seniors and individuals with intellectual disabilities, increased state troopers in the field, and county fairs and agricultural preservation.

It is encouraging that the governor has finally thrown his support behind an overdue expansion of transportation funding. His recommendation will be thoroughly reviewed to see if it is sufficient, what the impact will be on motorists and businesses, what level of new work will result, and where those projects are located.”

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