Senator Lisa Baker: Salvation Army Capitol Hill Day

Many people truly have no idea how pivotal and how prolific the Salvation Army is until trouble strikes. The Salvation Army is more than just wonderful thrift stores, trademark red kettles and holiday bell-ringers. They are everywhere a need exists.

The Salvation Army performed countless acts of service and sacrifice during the floods of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee just eight months ago.

The Northern Tier was hit very hard by the high winds and heavy rains of Irene and Lee. Emergency crews faced swift water rescues, homes flooded to the second floor, and rivers jumping their regular beds. Many families lost their homes, and businesses shuttered their doors. The Salvation Army was there throughout the cleanup process, to rescue flood victims and help them recover.

But their reach is far broader. The Salvation Army provides drug and alcohol counseling, programs for juveniles who have lost their way, and help for the elderly, in addition to disaster relief.

Their mission is bringing hope, strength, and salvation to more than 120 countries.

But it’s their efforts here at home that have brought salvation to so many of our neighbors in need. Just last week, a small community in my district raised $150,000 for the Kirby Family House, which provides shelter to homeless families so that families can remain intact.

This fundraiser was an inspiring show of support for an Army that has done so much for others.

The courage and sacrifice of our nation’s military are so frequently showcased these days. The soldiers of the Salvation Army are also fighting a war –a war on poverty, injustice, disaster and hopelessness– and “Doing the Most Good.”

We should all support the Salvation Army as they have supported us –by giving of our income, our time and our prayer.

Thank you to the soldiers of the Salvation Army, on behalf of all the people who would have literally been defeated without you. Thank you for being soldiers in this Army, fighting wherever and whenever you see people in need.

Through efforts such as the Kirby Family House and help for flood victims, the soldiers of this Army are keeping families together and communities strong. We salute you for your good work.








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