Senator Baker Reacts to Governor’s Budget

Harrisburg – Senator Lisa Baker had the following reaction to Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget:

“A state budget that holds the line on state taxes and state spending is clearly in touch with the mood of taxpayers.

With revenues continuing to fall short of projections each month, it is impossible to craft a state budget that will be widely popular. There does not seem to be much choice but to exercise fiscal restraint and try to prepare for an eventual economic recovery. This budget is consistent with the approach Governor Corbett promised to take.

Obviously, some of the cuts being recommended are going to negatively impact groups and facilities in our communities. Over the next several months, we will review how entities receiving state dollars have adjusted to lower funding, and determine what the consequences were for service delivery. The spending level may not increase, but there are likely to be a series of changes to add or subtract money from various programs and institutions.

We will look for ways to better distribute available dollars, for places to cut back or eliminate programs that have become less essential, and for chances to stretch dollars through mandate relief.

We have to make sure that the additional funding cuts he seeks are made judiciously. Tightening up eligibility to prevent abuse is a necessary accountability step in certain programs, but squeezing reimbursements for service providers may end up pushing individuals into more expensive alternatives.”

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