Baker Bill to Improve Wellsite Safety Becomes Law

(HARRISBURG) Legislation sponsored by Senator Lisa Baker (R-20) will improve emergency management and response at Marcellus Shale wellsites.

The new law requires drillers to implement the most basic rules of public safety: to plan for disaster, to share their emergency plans with the people who will implement them, and to have 911 information at their fingertips.

The act also requires drillers to inform state and local officials of wellpad locations and access roads. In this way, the Commonwealth better protects the health and safety of first responders and the public.

“Any first responder will tell you that the best weapon against injury, environmental damage, property destruction, and death is not the most state-of-the art fire truck, radio, or protective gear—it is information,” Baker said. “When something goes wrong, having emergency information posted at the site, and a plan that is shared with key emergency personnel, are vital parts of a risk reduction plan.”

The bill was signed by the governor today.

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