Baker Bill Extends Reduced-Fee Hunting Licenses to More Guard Members

November 15, 2011 – Pennsylvania National Guard members and reservists who were recently deployed for 60 or more days may soon be eligible for reduced-fee hunting licenses, thanks to a bill sponsored by Sen. Lisa Baker (R-20). The Senate passed the measure unanimously on Monday.

“This bill is one more way we can thank our soldiers, who are serving this nation with such courage and sense of duty,” Baker said. “It is appropriate that the Senate voted to extend this hunting privilege just a few days after Veterans Day.”

Current law requires Guard members and reservists to be deployed for at least 180 days in the prior 24 months in order to qualify for the discounted license, but Baker’s bill reduces the program’s required time limit to 60 days.

“By reducing the minimum length-of-service requirements, the bill extends this benefit to several hundred National Guard members and Reservists, who are often deployed for less than 180 days,” Baker said. “This is another small way we can honor our military’s contributions to this Commonwealth and country.”

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