Finance Committee Advances Nomination of Dan Meuser as Revenue Secretary

Our region was gratified when, in one of his early moves, Governor Tom Corbett tapped an individual from northeastern Pennsylvania for one of the key positions in state government.

First and foremost, Dan Meuser is a quality person, family-oriented and community-involved. He brings integrity, a solid work ethic, people skills, and sound business judgment to work with him every day.

Hiring a former business owner to run the Department of Revenue seems a logical match. Someone hands-on in building a business becomes familiar with the state tax code. He knows the places where it runs smoothly and effectively, where the glitches are, and where complexity breeds confusion.

Moreover, Dan is well-schooled in the precepts of customer service and dependability. Obviously the Department has unhappy encounters with tax cheats, but the majority of contacts involve helping people to properly comply. He will make sure that fairness is a vital part of this responsibility.

It is encouraging when someone who has realized extensive success in private endeavor decides it is time to contribute in public life. Dan is old enough to have accumulated a wealth of practical experience, but young enough to still possess the energy needed to properly run a crucial operation in a time when taxpayers are insisting on better service at lower cost.

When you look at his resume, it is clear that he was picked for his managerial abilities and not his political track record. We can count on him to maintain the department as a thoroughly professional operation.

I am pleased to recommend Dan for approval by this committee.

Contact: Jennifer Wilson
(570) 675-3931

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