Senator Baker Wants Environmental Safeguards Approved

Senator Lisa Baker today voted against delaying two sets of state regulations relating to gas drilling. Proposed regulations addressing Erosion and Sediment Control and Wastewater Treatment Requirements are under review by the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

“With so much drilling activity occurring, and more to come, we must have sufficient standards and safeguards to protect public health and the environment. My vote reflects the feelings of many individuals in our area who are deeply concerned that these important protections are not yet in place,” Baker said.

“The well blowout last week reminded us that technology is not fail-safe. Even the best emergency response is no substitute for upfront protection,” she pointed out.

“While I understand that parts of the regulations can be improved, there is a sense of urgency here. Time is not the ally of communities that have to deal with the consequences if something goes wrong at another drilling site,” Baker stated.

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