Senator Baker Statement on Separating Public Service and Contributions

Senator Lisa Baker offered the following statement on separating public service and contributions to her campaign committee:

“As is the case with most individuals who are not independently wealthy, I rely on contributions from individuals and groups to help run an informative campaign that connects with voters. There is nothing unreasonable, unethical or improper in doing so. These contributions are properly disclosed for all to see.

My record in office is crystal clear – access is free for everyone, I participate in numerous forums on controversial matters, and my actions and my votes are guided by community interests and community needs. My legislative decisionmaking takes into account a variety of factors, but campaign contributions are never one of them.

If anyone who contributes believes they are gaining special access or assuring a result, they will be sorely disappointed. That no-connection principle applies irrespective of the size of the contribution.

On the array of issues that arise from the gas drilling in the Marcellus shale, my statements, actions, and votes have lined up squarely with the public interest.

Because of the sensitivity of the issues revolving around gas drilling, I am not asking for contributions from the gas drilling interests, nor am I accepting them.”

Contact: Jennifer Wilson
(570) 675-3931

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