Statement by Senator Lisa Baker on Governor Ed Rendell’s Proposal to Raise Taxes

Dallas – Senator Lisa Baker made the following statement regarding Governor Ed Rendell’s proposal to raise taxes:

“Governor Rendell is too late in admitting the depth of Pennsylvania’s revenue deficit, too light in the spending reductions he is willing to make, and too eager in his push to impose substantial tax hikes on families and job providers.

When I talk to people across the district, they overwhelmingly prefer that we cut spending and eliminate programs, rather than increasing state taxes dramatically. With a weak economy persisting, the consequences of large tax hikes are severe. If spending and tax decisions hurt the job climate, it will delay and depress the economic recovery our state desperately needs to take place.

For several weeks, the Rendell Administration tried to scare Pennsylvanians about the proposed spending cuts we approved as a fiscally responsible way of balancing the budget. Now that he is showing his intent to increase the personal income tax by 16%, he has found a way to truly scare taxpayers. I think we all know there is no such thing as a “temporary” tax in state government.”

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