Legislators Debate Governor’s Plan to Close Scotland School for Veterans’ Children

Members of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committees held a joint hearing today in Harrisburg to seek input on Governor Rendell’s proposal to close the Scotland School for Veterans’ Children, according to Senator Lisa Baker (R-20).

“This proposal directly impacts Pennsylvania’s veterans’ community, Scotland students, families, alumni and staff, and the community at large,” Baker said. “We felt it was important to question the administration on its decision and to find out more detail about its plans.”

Baker acknowledged that because the state is facing a major budget shortfall, the legislature must consider a wide range of cost-cutting measures. But she raised strong concerns that families had no advanced warning and that students were notified of the closure before parents received the announcement.

The senator also criticized the administration’s decision to close the school with no placement plan in effect for the students. She expressed her support for Senator Bob Mellow’s (D-22) resolution to halt the closing of Scotland School for Veterans’ Children until a thorough legislative study and review can be conducted.

“The students and families have been given little or no opportunity to plan for their future,” Baker said. “I find it very unsettling that families are being forced to make decisions now, with no real assurances that their children’s needs will be met.”

Baker said that those interested in offering their input on the governor’s plan can go to her website www.senatorbaker.com or send an email to scotland@pasen.gov

Established in 1895, the Scotland School for Veterans’ Children provides educational services for the children of hundreds of Pennsylvania veterans. It is located in Greene Township, Franklin County.

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