Baker Signs Petition Calling for Special Session on Government Reform

Harrisburg – Citing the need to make state government more open and accountable, Senator Lisa Baker today signed a petition calling for a special session aimed at delivering reform.

“The public is no longer willing to accept good intentions,” Baker said. “They want concrete actions, changes in state law, and amendments to our Constitution to guarantee good government.”

Baker said that the upgrade made to Pennsylvania’s Open Records Law earlier this year is a major reform achievement but that there are many additional steps needed.

“For too long, Harrisburg has been telling Pennsylvanians how things will work,” she said. “It is time for the people to tell elected officials how the system will work moving forward.”

Baker added that the Senate passed several key pieces of reform legislation, including measures which will prohibit bonuses for Commonwealth employees, require government salary information to be posted online, and curb costly misuse of state vehicles. These bills have been locked-up in House committee since last year.

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