Scenes from the 20th Senatorial District
2016 Photo Contest

Pennsylvania’s 20th Senatorial District spans from the Delaware River in the east to the Endless Mountains in the west with unique communities dotting the landscape in between.
From rolling farms to bustling Main Streets, picturesque vistas throughout the many boroughs and townships that make up the district are a photographer’s dream.   Residents are proud of the historic structures, natural beauty, events and people that make their towns special.
Whether it’s that historic church you drive by each day or an eagle swooping down for a fish in the river, the annual Memorial Day parade or a school event, Senator Baker wants you to share the sights and scenes from your area with your 20th District neighbors.
Contest Rules
Contestants can submit up to a total of five of their favorite shots under one of four categories:  Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.  The contest is open to all individuals, both children and adults, but photos must have been taken within the boundaries of the 20th District.  To determine whether your photo is eligible, please click here to visit a map of municipalities.
The contest will remain open for submissions until September 15, 2016.  Voting will take place from September 16, 2016 to October 14, 2016.  Voters will be permitted to cast one vote per IP address per day through October 14.
Winning photos will be featured in the 2017 “Scenes from the 20th Senatorial District Calendar.”  The top three vote-getters in each category will serve as a featured month in the calendar.
To submit your photo, click on the browse button and select the appropriate file.  You will receive an email message once your image has been received; however, photos will not be immediately available for viewing as they must be approved before posting.  All information must be completed.  Be sure to include the location of where the picture was taken in your description.
Be sure to complete all of the information requested below. Your name and email address will not be displayed and your privacy will be protected according to the Senate Republican privacy policy. Photos submitted with incomplete information will not be eligible for the contest.
 Senate of Pennsylvania Photo Release Form
By uploading your photo, you hereby:
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